Lo Kee Money Rap Tournament Free Tryouts

To gain free entry to Lo Kee Money events you must participate in this event. This event is TOTALLY FREE! Your music will be compared to other rappers and the fans will decide who is better! Everyone involved in this event will take part in making it a success. So in order to enter everyone must follow all of the rules. If everyone follows the rules there will be a ton of activity for everyone! Let's put all other motives aside and work together as a UNIT!

Free entry to Lo Kee Money Events
Free Exposure
Free Website placement
$0.01/10 views on *Victory Videos
$0.05/Vote on your battles
Free networking
Advertising opportunities for major industry.

Must share the post that their music is featured on. When sharing tag 100 people in the post.
Must invite 500 people to the OFFICIAL event page on Facebook.
Must Join Facebook group "Hip Hop With Roz Miller" to see the contest live.
Must vote on 10 battles in the first round.
Must vote on all battles in rounds 3 and up.
Must send screenshot proof whenever it is requested of you.
Must share and tag 100 people in the championship battle.

Be helpful with the tournament coordination to be granted admin privileges.

*Victory Videos
Victory Videos are made for the winner of the battle. Victory Videos are made for the victors when there are 4 battles left and each round after!

Money Earned
All money earned can be used for advertising or can be used to cover entry to ANY Lo Kee Money Tournament or advertising package. Money earned never expires and can be saved up over time.

The whole contest will be advertised on Facebook and Instagram

How To Enter

Step 1

Add 500 friends to the official event page

Step 2

Join Hip Hop With Roz Miller

Step 3

Join the server and speak with a representative about adding you to the brackets.

Step 4

Share the event page and tag 100 people.(Mobile max tags per post = 50. Desktop = 100) Click the buttons below to get started.

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